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The TOTALLY Rad Approach To Living: My Daily Gratitudinal (A Journal)

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The TOTALLY Rad Approach to Living is an easy, fast and fun way to engage your thankfulness and devote to paper those memories and thoughts in your life that matter most to you that day!

Each of the 53 weeks of this daily gratitudinal is a journey of self-discovery and begins with an inspirational and thought-provoking quote, a few of which you won't find anywhere else.

Each day includes a 3-lined space to jot down what you are thankful for.

At the end of each week is space to write or draw in response to the prompt, "This week was TOTALLY Rad because..."

This journal begins with 3 sections of helpful writing:

  • What Gratitude Is
  • How This Journal Came To Be
  • How To Use This Journal
Grab a copy for yourself, and one for each of your family and friends... and develop the habit of letting each day begin with gratitude together!